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Unimotion extends PNCE electric cylinder range

As an Unimotion reseller we are pleased to announce two new variants from the Unimotion PNCE electric cylinder series. The new cylinders with sizes 80 and 100 offer a maximum stroke length of 1500 mm with an axial force of up to 29000 N. Like the other form factors in this series, these two new models use a high-precision ball screw to ensure exceptional positioning accuracy over a long stroke. 

As a specialist in linear drive technology, Unimotion continues to develop new products and solutions in its range of mechanical and compact linear units, as well as in its multi-axis systems. Along with its high-tech production and testing facilities, the company has the knowledge and experience in-house to develop and build customer-specific solutions to meet dynamic requirements. 

New electric cylinders

UnimotionApart from its linear drive units, the company also offers the PNCE line of electric cylinders. Previously available in size 32 to 63, this series now has two additional form factors: 80 and 100. These both enable stroke lengths of up to 1500 mm, with an axial force (PNCE 100) of up to 29000 N. 

All electric cylinders in the PNCE series feature exceptionally high positioning accuracy, thanks to the high-precision ball screw mechanism. The axial backlash is typically less than 0.02 mm at a maximum travel speed of up to 2.5 m/s.


Designed to comply with ISO 15552, these cylinders are dimensionally interchangeable with pneumatic cylinders. However, the ball screw mechanism enables these cylinders to achieve higher speeds with excellent positioning accuracy and repeatability. The ball nut also has a reduced backlash (version with extra preload on request) and a non-rotating piston rod. For an even longer service life, the spindle can be re-lubricated through a grease nipple. 

Special variants

In addition to the standard models, Unimotion also offers special variants. For example, the FI (Food Industry) variant with an extra smooth surface for effective cleaning. In combination with class H1 (alimentary) lubricant, this type is suitable for many applications in the food industry.

The external seals on the standard PNCE cylinders ensure compliance with IP65 protection class as per IEC 60 529. A pressure compensation connection on the cylinder wall maintains pressure equilibrium between the cylinder interior and ambient pressure. The IP65 special variant (IP65CR) has corrosion-resistant external parts for a longer service life in harsh environments.

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