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Robust BDL locking solenoid from Magnet-Schultz


The new Ball Detent Locking solenoids from Magnet-Schultz have been specially developed for locking applications requiring a high holding force in a restricted mounting space. Typical application areas are industrial sliding constructions or the locking of drawer movements (e.g. in lockers). One of the unique features is the ‘Push to Lock’ capability, which locks the component without using any power. When the locking solenoid is energized, the component can be released.

Independent and integrated types

These patented locking solenoids are available in two types (see figure). The independent locking receptacle type comprises a ball-housing/solenoid assembly that creates a powerful lock when engaged with the independent locking receptacle.

Onafhankelijke vergrendelmagneet-Rotero
Figure 1. Independent type                         

In the Fail-Safe variant, with the solenoid de-energized, the balls are free to move radially inward as in a normal ball-detent. in this state, the system is not locked, and the mating components can readily be coupled or uncoupled. In the Fail-Secure variant, the locking balls are instead prevented from moving when the solenoid is de-energized, so that the system is automatically locked against coupling or uncoupling. The lock can be released by energizing the locking solenoid.

This moisture and dust-resistant locking solenoid exerts a holding force of up to 3920 N, and can be configured to allow the system to be unlocked even when the available power is limited. The integrated push-pins enable manual actuation or release of the solenoids. The service life is up to 1 million cycles.

Integrated locking receptacle
The alternative BDL type, the integrated locking receptacle solenoid, is likewise available in a Fail-Safe and Fail-Secure variant. The difference with the independent type is that the locking mechanism is fully integrated within the solenoid body, and the locking function is achieved in combination with an independent ball-shaft.

Integrated locking solenoid-Rotero
Figure 2. Integrated type

This variant provides a holding force of up to 245 N, and is suitable for 250,000 operation cycles. The number of cycles can be increased by modifying the design. As with the independent type, the integrated receptacle solenoid design can be adapted so that the system can be unlocked using the available power. In addition, there is a power saving option that employs a permanent magnet in the locking solenoid. However, this option disables the Fail-Safe or Fail-Secure feature. 

Technical features

Both types of locking solenoid feature a robust and compact design with high force density, and full compliance with the RoHS directive. They operate on 12 or 24 VDC and have a power rating of 25 W.

The components can optionally be provided with a manual push-to-lock and automatic limiter. Further options include manual operation, fully sealed solenoid, class B solenoid insulation, and a hardened locking receptacle.

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