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Laser distance sensors from Dimetix now in 100 Hz version

Dimetix specialises in laser distance sensors, among other sensor types. These sensors are used for the contactless measurement of up to 500 metres. Recently, the measurement speed of several standard sensors in Dimetix’ D-series has been doubled, from 50 Hz to 100 Hz. This makes these models even more suitable for use on cranes or in logistics centres, as well as in other applications. 

That Dimetix is a specialist in laser distance sensors is no exaggeration. After a lengthy development phase, engineers were able to combine two technologies and thus compensate or even completely solve the different limitations of the individual technologies. This resulted in a series of laser distance sensors which, when reflective foil is used, can measure distances up to 500 m with an accuracy of 1 mm. Distances up to 100 m are achievable when natural surfaces are used. 

Increased speed

DimetixBecause the D-series laser distance sensors measure without contact, applications can be readily found anywhere cabled measurement solutions are not practicable. The faster that the sensors can measure, the faster the vehicles, devices, equipment or installations can perform their movements. This usually results in shorter lead times, increased output and better quality. 

For this reason, Dimetix has increased the measurement speed from 50 Hz to 100 Hz for several standard sensors in the D-series. This provides advantages, especially for the sensor types DEN-10-500 and DEH-30-500, which are commonly used on cranes or in logistics centres. In logistics centres, they are mainly used to determine the position of automatic rack feeders easily, quickly and reliably. This enables the feeders to handle products in (tall) warehouses safely and quickly. Reflective foil must be used in this situation, however. 

For the DAN and DAE sensors, the difference will not be explicitly noticeable in all applications. However, it will be apparent in applications where an optimal measurement surface, such as a white surface, is available. 

Already existing sensors cannot be upgraded. 


Available sensors with an increased measurement speed of 100 Hz:

  • 500637 DEN-10-500
  • 500638 DEH-30-500
  • 500632 DAN-10-150
  • 500634 DAN-30-150
  • 500633 DAE-10-050 

The fastest measurement sensor which Dimetix offers measures with a speed of 250 Hz.

More information?

Please contact us for more information about these sensors (only available in The Netherlands). Please fill in the contact form or call: 0348 - 495 172 (NL) / 015 - 451 840 (BE).

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