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Concens intelligent actuators for lifting applications

Danish manufacturer Concens - represented in the Benelux by Rotero – has announced a new generation of intelligent electric actuators with the designation ‘ICON’. These linear actuators extend the existing range of CON35, CON50 and CON60 models, and feature an integrated controller, Modbus RTU compatibility, and intelligent protection of both the actuator and the application it drives. 

The name ICON stands for Intelligent, Connected, Open Protocol and New Paradigm – in a nutshell, the features that define this new generation of intelligent in-line actuators. 

Widely applicable

ICON actuatorsWith a wide range of capabilities and options, the new in-line actuators are exceptionally versatile. The designer can configure his own actuator in terms of colour, stroke length and IP class. Moreover, various customisation options can also be integrated, such as special mounting brackets and customer-specific cables and connectors. The user can therefore choose an actuator precisely tailored to his application requirements in all industrial situations where communication takes place via Modbus RTU. 

In addition, the plug & play ICON units are readily programmable, and the user-friendly configurator is quick and easy to work with. Up to 128 ICON actuators can be interconnected using the new ‘conXion box’. Depending on the model, the conXion box is suitable for both synchronous and individual operation. 

Last but not least, ICON actuators all feature smart monitoring functions. The actuator protects itself from overcurrent, while an internal stroke limiter physically protects the application. And not unimportant: the new generation has identical dimensions to the standard CON actuators, so when you choose instead an ICON unit there’s no need for a redesign. 


In total, the line-up now includes six variants: the existing CON35, 50 and 60, plus the new ICON35, 50 and 60. The new generation specifications are: 





Speed [mm/s]

3 – 33

4 – 70

5 – 26

Thrust [N]

120 – 2200

500 – 4500

1900 – 10000

Supply voltage [VDC]

12 or 24

12 or 24


Stroke length [mm]

50 - 750

On request, the actuators can also be ordered in non-standard lengths and strokes. Other options include non-standard mounting brackets, variants with a higher IP Class (IP68 and IP69) for use in harsh environments, 316 stainless steel, and a low-noise variant. 

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