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New stepper motor series needs no homing cycle and no backup battery

AZ- Oriental MotorTypical stepper motor applications such as pick and place movements commonly use position encoders and limit switches for control and monitoring. Any disruption to the system due to e.g. power failure, signal failure, sensor failure, overload or operator error, generally calls for homing of the movement before normal operation can be resumed. With the new AZ stepper motor series from Oriental Motor the homing cycle can be eliminated, so that the process can be resumed as soon as the alarm is cleared. This is just one of the many benefits these innovative stepper motors bring to manufacturers and users of production automation systems.

Oriental Motor is a familiar name when it comes to high-precision AC and DC motors and actuators for industrial automation. Stepper motors from Oriental Motor are already chosen by manufacturers of industrial process machines for their high reliability and performance within a compact form factor. Now, with the new AZ series, Oriental Motor has managed to eliminate much of the complexity of precise mechanical movement control, while at the same time significantly reducing the cost and time required for design, installation, commissioning, support and maintenance of the machines concerned.

Smart ABZO sensor

The new AZ series of stepper motors and drivers incorporates a patented mechanical absolute encoder right on the motor body – the ABZO sensor – that continuously reports the position to the motor driver, so that no external encoder or limit switches are needed to determine the position of the movement. But in a further innovative development, the home position itself is also permanently stored with the sensor, and moreover, no electrical power supply is required for retention of the current and home position. After any disruption, the motor always ‘knows’ its current and home position.

What does this mean for machine manufacturers?

First, it allows them to design machines that can immediately resume ‘from where they left off’ in a production cycle, as the homing cycle is not per definition required, thereby reducing downtime and product wastage for the user. And even if a restart is unavoidable due to the process sequence, then the motor can return to home directly in a single command.

, because no external power supply is required for retention of the current and home position, a backup battery is also completely unnecessary. This means: no battery compartment and wiring; no batteries to replace; no battery capacity loss during standby, storage and transit; no battery documentation needed for air transportation.

, because no external encoders and limit switches are needed, costly parts, cabling and program logic are eliminated, and the movement therefore has fewer potential points of failure. Moreover, commissioning time can also be reduced, as the home position of all movements in a machine can be reliably factory-set. A complete machine can potentially be fully preconfigured before shipment.

As can be expected from Oriental Motor, these new motor-driver packages are also greener than ever, with almost 50% less power consumption (and therefore heat generation) for a similar torque output to their predecessors. Flange sizes for the standard motor are from 20 to 85mm; with a range of integrated gear heads (with and without backlash) and electromagnetic brake, flange sizes are from 42 to 90mm. Of course, these motors have a wide choice of control options, a powerful parameter-setting tool, open and/or closed loop operation, and extensive network interfacing options.

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