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Sercos module for MAC and ServoStep motors from JVL

With the new Sercos module from JVL we are extending our product range further for Industry 4.0. This module enables JVL’s integrated servo motors and stepper motors to communicate for the automation of Sercos via a special fieldbus system. Some of the benefits of this are the ability to connect various motors simply, smaller space requirements in the switch box and simpler maintenance. 

JVL Sercos module for MACJVL’s new family of motors, ServoStep, uses the latest technologies and combines these with the proven benefits of the previous generation. As well as the MAC Motors, it is equipped with a Sercos module, which has two Ethernet connectors and an integrated switch. 

The Sercos connection provides access to all registers in the motor, making it easy to configure. Besides, it provides all the key features that make Sercos so popular, for example, the automatic detection of drives and the synchronisation of simultaneous assignments to 511 motors. This makes it easy to switch or add motors while the application is in normal operation.

Built-in I/O’s

This module has several LEDs that provides technicians and service staff with a direct overview of the status. With the built-in opto-isolated digital I/O’s there are also additional sensors to be incorporated without external I/O modules. This not only reduces the costs of cabling but also minimises the number of parts on the network. Furthermore, the sturdy M12 connectors are suitable for use under rough conditions in industrial environments. 

Finally, JVL SDDML creates files that make the recognition of the motor possible as an FSPDrive from Bosch Rexroth. The Sercos motors are also recognised as such without these files when the user scans from the Bosch Rexroth IndraWorks development environment. 

Practical advantages of the Sercos module

When cabling is a lot of hassle, the on-board Ethernet switch provides the answer. Here the Sercos motors are simple to daisy-chain so that the ring and line topologies can be created without the need for expensive additional hardware. 

JVL Sercos module for MACOn the motor side, the module offers the advantage of there being no need for a separate servo driver in a control box. This delivers savings on space in the control box, savings on costs with respect to the motor and encoder cables, savings on time and money regarding the cabling and an extremely low risk of malfunctions. Besides, because the motor and the controller are to be exchanged as an integrated unit, the user reduces maintenance costs and effort, which also contributes to maximum productivity. 

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