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Ever Elettronica offers drive with Powerlink interface

With its SW5 series, the Italian company Ever Elettronica — represented by Rotero — offers a series of drives with a Powerlink interface specifically developed for the control of stepper motors. This series consists of both uniaxial and multiaxial versions with a USB connection for real-time configuration and failure testing as well as a Powerlink interface for quick configuration. 

The drives in the SW5 series have been developed for controlling multiaxial systems with up to 127 drive mechanisms. Perfect synchronisation between the axes can be achieved with the powerful, built-in Motion Module functionality, and the drives relieve the Master Controller. 

Compact and reliable

Ever ElletronicaAmong other benefits, the SW5 drives provide a high level of reliability combined with a compact design. The cost-efficient components have been specifically developed for the (closed loop) control of stepper motors for torque, speed and position. Because this occurs with a high level of efficiency, the sound level is considerably lower and there is less heat development, resulting in a quiet and uniform motion. 

The drives are equipped with outputs for the control of two independent motors (synchronisation of movements in multiaxial systems, even those without a fieldbus) and an insulated input for incremental or absolute encoders. 

In addition, these drives offer quick inputs and outputs for starting and stopping the motor. This makes them also suitable for synchronising events in quick-response applications, such as labelling, nick finder and flying saw. 


Two different models are available:

  • A drive with fieldbus and Powerlink interface (DS402);
  • A drive which is programmable via the e3PLC programming environment. 

Both models have:

  • Outputs to power two independent motors;
  • USB service for real-time configuration and error detection;
  • Vectorial control for uniformity and low noise with minimum heat development, therefore efficient;
  • Powerlink interface which can be configured with the parameters in Ever Studio;
  • Powerlink interface which can be programmed via e3PLC Studio IDE.


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