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Electrical drive mechanisms for agricultural vehicles

The frameless motors in the IR series from PWM Dynamics are axially compact brushless DC motors with a conventional internal rotor design. Two standard sizes, based on the stator diameter, are available: IR9 and IR16. The first series has been further developed so that these motors are now available up to a length of 152 mm. 

The British company PMW Dynamics designs and produces compact electric motors and motor reducers that offer complete solutions for motion-control applications. Their portfolio is aimed at specials, flat motors with or without brushes, and “in-wheel” motors. 

IR9 series

The IR9 series falls under what is termed “compact brushless motors” and is suitable for demanding automation applications in the agricultural sector, among others. These motors can be combined with a no-clearance gearbox, including a holding brake and position sensor. This makes the gearbox maintenance-free with a lifetime seal. Ideal for drive and control problems. 

What is new is the fact that the previously available longest version of 130 mm has now been supplemented with a version that is 152 mm long. And this at a diameter of 120 mm. This development further broadens the applicability of the IR9 motors. 

Technical specifications

Being wheel-driven, the complete actuator solution provides power up to 1 kW, torque of 50-200 Nm, and RPMs of 25-200 min-1. The actuator also has a high protection class (IP) for safe use in outdoor conditions and a life span that runs to 15,000 operating hours. 


A key strength of PMW Dynamics is its ability to fully tailor standard solutions to the specific needs and wishes of its customers. To do this, our partner makes use of special production technologies for making adjustments. At its disposal is also a large number of different magnets which are used to precisely align the actuator’s properties to the specific application. Such applications include motor optimisation for speed, voltage, torque, efficiency, cogging torque, and thermal performance. 

Besides agricultural use, the IR motors are also suitable for application in aerospace, defence, robotics, and factory and warehouse automation.

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