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MIS 232 Q JVL stepper motor

The 232 Q provides JVL - represented by Rotero in Woerden - with the opportunity to present a new stepper motor in the QuickStep series which features an integrated controller (the SMC66). This has reduced the size of the motors while increasing the options, functionality and performance. With an impressive resolution of 409,600 steps/rotations, there is now the option to control it via a variety of bus systems and the closed-loop option for even more accuracy. The motors are easy to configure and calibrate with practically every application. 

JVL MISThe newest addition to the Quickstep series is the 232 Q model. This new generation of motors uses the latest technology and thus has even better quality (longer service life), making them even more reliable and even easier to maintain. The engines possess a double power supply which means that the retention of the position and other parameters is guaranteed. Furthermore, they come with a standard stepper motor or a new hybrid stepper motor where rare earth magnets have been integrated into the rotor. The use of these magnets increases the torque by 40% but does not influence the size. 

Some technical specifications:

  • SMC66 controller
  • Closed loop adjustment,
  • Torque control mode,
  • Absolute encoder,
  • M12 or M23 connector at the back or on top,
  • Resolution of 409,600 steps/rotations which creates a uniform and accurate movement
  • High-resolution encoder 

Options include:

  • STO connector
  • CANopen, industrial Ethernet and WiFi/BET or wireless Ethernet 


The SMC66 controller used comes with an RS485 and can be fitted with a CANbus interface or a variety of industrial Ethernet protocols if desired. Furthermore, two separate wireless communication options are also available: WiFi or Bluetooth. There are also 8 IOs which can be configured as entry points, exit points or analogue input points. 

The controller can be operated via nanoPLC and MacTalk and offers all you need for advanced control settings and management tasks, both stand-alone and controlled via a PLC or PC, via the compact PCB. The Modbus RTU and CANopen connections add to the ease of creating a link with a PLC.


MacTalk software can be used for installation, monitoring and diagnosis purposes. This advanced software is intuitive and easy to use. It is also suitable for both the MAC and QuickStep motors. The software allows you to determine the parameters, to save them or to upload them. Furthermore, it also provides the option to monitor the parameters and motor status in real time. The software allows the user to test the full system when installing and commissioning the motors. This means it is easy to create a test cycle and then determine the parameters like speed, acceleration and torque. The distance can also be selected as can the deceleration between movements.

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