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By working closely with our suppliers we have been able to gain technical knowledge over a complete range of electromechanical components, allowing us to assist you effectively in selecting the right solution for your company. 

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Our partners

Rotero supplies, among others, components of suppliers:  

Apex Dynamics - Leverancier Rotero
  Straight planetary and perpendicular gearboxes
Concens - Leverancier Rotero   In-line actuators
Logo Dimetix   Laser sensors
DIS Sensors - Leverancier Rotero   Custom designed controls and sensors
Drive Systems - Leverancier Rotero   Servomotors
DVC - Rotero  

Customized control and speed control

Fandis - Leverancier Rotero          

Compact ventilatorscabinet ventilators and accessories

Fergas - Leverancier Rotero   Cross flow ventilators
Gentech - Leverancier Rotero   Level sensors
Halstrup - Leverancier Rotero  

Custom made gear boxes

Indunorm - Leverancier Rotero   Linear cradles
Ingenia logo   Servo drives
Invertek Drives - Rotero   Frequency drives
JVL - Leverancier Rotero  

Integrated servomotorsintegrated stepper motors and amplifiers for stepper motors

     JYS - Leverancier Rotero   Crossflow ventilators
 KISSLING - Leverancier Rotero   Battery relays and micro switches
Kuroda - Leverancier Rotero  

Ball screw spindles and linear cradles

Linear-Mech - Leverancier Rotero   Linear actuators
Logo MSM - leverancier Rotero    Electromagnets
Matika - Leverancier Rotero  

Radial and centrifugal ventilators

Oriental Motor - Leverancier Rotero   AC motorsBLDC motorsstepper motors and linear cradles
PMW logo -  Rotero  

Pancake DC motors

Servomech - Leverancier Rotero   Linear actuators
Sha Yang Ye - Rotero   DC motors
 Soler & Palau - Leverancier Rotero   Centrifugal ventilators
 Spinea - Rotero  

Hypocycloid gearboxes

Texa - Leverancier Rotero  

Air conditioning systems and industrial coolingUnités de climatisation 

Unimotion - Rotero   Linear drive
X2 technology  

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