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We supply various accessories for switch panels. On this page you will find a clear overview on where these accessories are located within a switch panel.


Orientable fan

Interne ventilator - Fandis

Fan with adjustable brackets for a better air distribution inside enclosures.

Data sheet 



Rotero - Thermostaat

  • can be supplied with normally open, normally closed and switch contact
  • hygrostats
  • suitable for assembly on 3 types of DIN-rail
  • accuracy to 3 kelvin
  • to 10 A
  • suitable for 12-60 V/DC and 110-250 V/AC 

Double thermostat


  • suitable to control cabinet heating and a cabinet ventilator simultaneouslyDubbele thermostaat - Rotero
  • can be supplied in 3 models: NO-NC, NO-NO and NC-NC
  • suitable for assembly on DIN rails of 35 mm. x 7.5 mm, conforming to EN 50 022
  • accuracy to 3 kelvin 

Cabinet heating

Features:Rotero - kastverwarming
  • anti-condensation heating for electrical cabinets
  • to 400 watt
  • with terminal or cord connection
  • 250 & 400 watt model fitted with integrated ventilator
Now also available: touch-secure H series cabinet heating with synthetic hood. 

Thermoelectric cooling unitsRotero - koelunit

These thermoelectric cooling units operate by means of a Peltier element, transferring heat from one side to the other. A Peltier element therefore always has a warm and a cold side. The units are static, maintenance free and contain no coolant.


Cabinet lighting

Wide range of cabinet lighting with traditional fluorescent tubes and led lights.Kastverlichting - Rotero

Energy efficient lamp with 40 in-built led lights. Due to its slim design this lamp is ideal for applications in restricted spaces.  

The 5 watt lamp, with a voltage of 115/230 V AC or with multi-voltage, is supplied as standard with a screw fitting, but be fitted optionally with magnets and therefore easily used as a hand held light. 


Ventilation traysVentilatietray

  • IP20 (in accordance with EN 60529 norm)
  • standard model in RAL 7035
  • operates at temperatures between -40° C and 70° C

Pressure compensation elements

By the use of the Fandis IP55 element for pressure compensation, changes in the air pressure in the switch box are prevented and penetration by dust and moisture are avoided. The element is easy to install, also retrospectively.



Signal towers

Long lifespan due to the maintenance free LED, vibration-proofing and lower energy consumption.


  • elements are available in the colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white (in accordance with EN 60073 norm)Signaalzuilen - Rotero
  • IP64 protection level in accordance with EN 60529 norm (if correctly assembled with cap and gaskets) - IP54 when acoustic element is added
  • meets regulations: EN 60204-1/EN 60947.5.1/EN 60073/EN 60529/EN 60068-2-6/EN60068 - 2-27/EN ISO 7731/EN 981/IEC 536
  • voltage: maximum 250 V
  • protection against electric shock according to IEC 536 standard
  • temperature: between -20° C en 50° C (for 12 heating - 40° C)

Roof exhaust units Dakventilator - Rotero

Suppliable in 115 V and 230 V 
T-series (metal housing)
TP-serie (plastic/aluminum housing) - available in IP24, IP44, IP54 and IP55  

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