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Axor servomotors and drives added to the Rotero programme

Recently, our rotary drive product group has been expanded to include products manufactured by Italian company Axor. This is an excellent addition to the current range of products available.

 Axor Industries’ latest products are marketed under the 'Mack' label. This includes motors, amplifiers and drives. The compact Mack motors - AC brushless servomotors - are characterised by a long lifespan, rounded shapes for easy cleaning and a food grade finish. The various versions provide a torque of 0.16 to 11 Nm at a capacity of 50 to 3500 W. Another feature is that capacity, signals, and feedback require only eight wires which are contained in a single flexible cable. Therefore, only one plug is needed to connect or disconnect. The motors feature a serial encoder as standard, with no moving parts; the multi-turn absolute encoder is optional. 


The engines can be combined with the Mack Drive, Mack Power or Mack Indy drive. The first two, in combination with the motor, comprise a powerful system for applications with multiple axles. The systems are built up from one power source and are suitable for connecting between 6 and 12 amplifiers. A lot of space (and money) can be saved as not every drive has its own built in power unit. Programming is done via a mini-USB and 'speeder one' software. 

Mack Indy is a flexible standalone drive for one or more axes, which meets all the requirements of a servo system. They are characterised by the easy installation.

Mack motor Axor - Rotero Holland
Mack Motor

New: Mack Nano

This range’s newest drive is the Mack Nano. This universal (servo) drive, developed in-house, meets the needs and demands of the (factory) automation market. The drive features the most modern components and techniques. This is partially reflected in the extremely compact dimensions of 65 x 43 x 23 mm for a drive of up to 400 W. Furthermore, the drive is equipped with status LEDs and is suitable for a 9 to 60 V/DC power supply. It can also be combined with Mack motors, AC or DC brushless motors, and brushed motors and stepper motors. It can also be used with a  variety of feedback options (encoder, hall sensor, tachometer, etc.). Moreover, it is possible to implement simple additional options without the need for changes in the control box.

This is Axor Industries

Axor Industries is located in the part of Italy that is known as one of the country’s most dynamic areas when it comes to industrial production. The company was set up in 1988. Axor was the first Italian company to gain ISO 9001 certification in 1996. The focus from the outset has been on drive systems. These systems can be adjusted quickly and accurately, thereby achieving good dynamic qualities and very even running, even at low speeds. 

Additionally, the company invests a significant portion of its revenues in R&D activities and attaches great importance to quality control, including combustion, vibration and functional testing. 

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